It's not officially kitten season yet but already the Waikato SPCA have received their first two litters.

On Wednesday morning Waikato SPCA Animal Attendant, Cameron Hall picked up a ginger cat and a litter of three.

"These guys here have come from a property out the back of Ohaupo, they were found in a shed," Cameron says.

A tabby cat, now named Jamaima was brought to the SPCA late last week with her litter of five kittens, but the following morning there were six.


Waikato SPCA Manager, Laura Vander-Kley says the summer period from November until March is typically the 'official kitten season' when cats have their litters.

But with warmer weather over the last few years, kittens have been arriving earlier and last week's arrivals were a surprise being nearly two months early.

They have to be re-homed before the influx of more than 3 thousand cats expected throughout the coming year.

"By Christmas time the kitten room will be completely full. We will have heaps and heaps and heaps (of cats) out at foster as well. And our adoption room will be full as well and that will be the peak," Laura says.

That's why SPCA want owners to take responsibility for their cats and get them desexed. If not a cat could have three litters over a year - or about 24 kittens according to the SPCA's Animal Inspector, Maria McEwan-Jones.

"The public really need to take it on board to desex their animals," Maria says. "People forget to see forward to the future and although that fluffy cute kitten is gorgeous and you just want to take it home - you've got to remember that there are vet bills; you've got to flea-worm, vaccinate and des-ex. There's a cost. Not only that, there's an ongoing cost for any health issues that might arise."

The Waikato SPCA want people to adopt the cats, but also need donations for new cages and to cover overheads.

"The cost of any one kitten could range from, the cheapest [in the] $100s to get through the system up to $500 - it depends on what sort of treatment they need," Laura says.

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Local Focus: Kitten season off to an early start