Re: Top Energy customer services (Age letters, November 27)

Thank you for bringing to our attention the concerns Pete Broughton had with our customer services tools recently.

We ask that Mr Broughton doesn't give up on us yet.

Power outages are frustrating, and we apologise for the inconvenience they cause.


We have gone to some efforts to provide tools, such as the Outage Centre website, the Outage Centre Mobile App, and the Top Energy call centre, to keep out customers informed of the cause and likely duration of a power cut.

Unfortunately, on Monday, November 19 Mr Broughton was unable to access the information he required.

In response, we are reviewing our call pick up performance for quality and call clearance and have taken his suggestions back to our call centre provider for consideration.

Regarding the Outage Centre website and Outage Centre Mobile App, both tools provide information on the expected duration for a fault. However, we need accurate information from the field and other sources before we can publish outage details including estimated restoration times.

To get accurate information about outages affecting their property or properties, customers are asked to provide their ICP number — this is the identifier for their individual power meter/s. It can take time to provide all the personal information including the ICP number, but it is necessary.

We have checked to see if there were any issues with the Top Energy Outage App on Monday and it was working fine.

We always welcome feedback on our customer services and how these can be improved.

Top Energy Spokeswoman