Mr Twyford's and Labour's nonsense about residential tenancies is unbelievable, and being a landlord and tenant, I can see both sides.

Terminations at 42 days on sales and 90 days as of right have always worked well in practice. Tenancies with no right to evict is madhouse territory, and right up there with proven socialist/leftist philosophy of failure, ignorance, arrogance, envy, plus equal sharing of miseries by everyone.

Landlords must retain rights to evict tenants for rental non-payment and intentional damage. The current system already favours renters, with more tenants on the ratbag side of the ledger than landlords.

Tenancy Tribunals must always address bad behaviour, imbalances and breaches, otherwise why do they exist? Permitted pets (landlord's consent mandatory) need to be housed in outside shelters, as they do untold damage to houses, carpets, fittings, grounds, etc.


Rent reviews only six-monthly for existing tenants, ditching letting fees and no auction bidding for rentals are all fine.

Labour is simply pandering to its socialist voter base to secure votes.

The Government must address landlord tax deduction anomalies and ring-fence rental property, which might assist in availability and reducing house prices.

As people suggest, this coalition Government are a bunch of incompetent fiscal fools.