Thank you for another thoughtful editorial on August 28.

You have written that criminal offending arises from "such as poverty, lack of education, unemployment, drug and alcohol addiction, an appalling lack of effective mental health services, disconnection from society". And you went on to write that "we need to reinstate the family as the cornerstone of society", and "every child needs ... to know that [s/he is] part of a family, a community, a society that values and will protect [him/her]".

Of course you are right. And surely everyone, even including our elite, superior parliamentarians, knows that. But the communities we used to know as neighbourhoods have been destroyed, deliberately, by feminism.

And it's from the destruction of those caring communities, composed of stable families, that the criminalising factors you've mentioned spring.


But feminism is in control of the Western once-was-Christian world, and nothing will improve until it has been eradicated.

That's why we find that defenders of Western Christian civilisation such as Stefan Molyneux, and particularly the young, beautiful and courageous Lauren Southern, speak out against feminism, as do so many of their young female allies.

And that's why the hate-filled feminazis refuse to let them speak.

Dear readers of the Northland Age, it is incumbent upon us to speak out loudly, and do all that we can to eradicate feminism and feminist thought from around us. Perhaps a starting place is to encourage our young women to marry, have more than three children, and adopt the career of home-maker.