Housing NZ are buying properties around the country to house hundreds of homeless families.

A fine concept, but this time they have gone way overboard.

They have purchased a house locally (asking price $460,000) in a subdivision where almost all houses have three double bedrooms, ensuites, double garages, carpeted throughout, dishwasher, heating, extra toilet and bathroom, brick built on a flat section.

The house purchased is in excellent condition, with a lovely enclosed back garden and an enclosed, tiled conservatory. Shrubs abound on well-mown lawns.

The houses on either side are also well kept, as are all those in this quiet enclave. Most residents are retired or semi-retired.


Housing NZ intends, so I am told, to remove the dishwasher (leaving a large gap in the kitchen), all the blinds and the carpet in some parts.

When the contractors move to remove these items, what else will they take? The tiles in the conservatory? The rangehood? Plants and shrubs? Who will know?

What the hell are they thinking? This deliberate downgrading of this fine property is for what reason?

To make the future residents second-class citizens befitting their circumstances?

To make sure the new residents cannot do too much damage to the property?

To entice the neighbours to sell up, thereby allowing Housing NZ to purchase them and downgrade them also?

Obviously Housing NZ chose a family for this house. But will Housing NZ specify that no "extra" members of the family will be allowed to live there, or be allowed to stay there indefinitely, thereby destroying the environment of home and garden?

I sincerely hope we will not witness, as seen on TV, a dozen or so "relatives" making themselves at home, thus creating stress upon neighbours.

It would be fascinating to look into the mind of PM Jacinda Ardern, to witness her reaction to this development, and give further ammunition to Judith Collins to again take a huge bite of Phil Twyford, and make the government squirm.