Another theft of donated property left outside the Take 2 Hospice shop in Kaitaia has been reported to the police, again with photos, but this time with the name of the man who, along with two women, rummaged through bags of donated clothing, some of which they took with them when they left.

The man was quickly identified by a number of people who said they knew him well.

Warnings that both the front and back doors of the Hospice shop were under CCTV surveillance did little to deter thieves, shop manager Laurie Andrew said, and the continuing thieving was driving her to despair.

"Why do we bother?" she asked yesterday, after viewing images of Monday afternoon's incident, and another late that night.


When staff arrived on Tuesday morning they discovered garments that thieves, who, using torches, appeared at 11.15pm, taking some garments from the bags they had been delivered in and leaving what they didn't want.

The Monday afternoon incident occurred in broad daylight, within clear view of the main street, the man helping himself to a collection including a pair of gumboots.

A sign on the shop's front window states that a surveillance camera is operating, another declaring that items left there had been donated to the shop and that removing them would be considered theft. Donors are also asked not to leave property outside the shop after hours.

In both this week's incidents the thieves took their time, trying garments on before deciding whether or not to take them.

Proceeds from the shop go to Hospice in Kaitaia, enabling it to continue providing a free service to palliative care patients and their families.