Fire and Emergency is once again to urging Northlanders to comply withe the total fire ban that applies throughout the region, with the avoidable fire total for the region so far this year now ell over 100, and counting.

"A total fire ban means people should not be lighting ANY fires, including rubbish fires," region manager Ron Devlin said.

"We've been working hard alongside our partner agencies to get this message through to Northlanders, but unfortunately some people are continuing to ignore the total fire ban and are lighting fires anyway.

"We'd rather educate and work alongside our communities to reduce the fire danger, but if people keep ignoring Northland's fire ban we can and we will seriously consider issuing infringement notices or prosecuting. There is extreme fire danger currently, and in these conditions a fire can have catastrophic consequences."


It had taken three helicopters to get a 5ha fire at Paparore under control on Friday.

"I'm asking people to avoid doing anything that may cause a spark and start a fire," Mr Devlin said.

"Don't burn your rubbish. Don't use your chainsaw or a lawnmower at midday. Wait until the conditions change and we receive some significant rainfall. The fire danger is too extreme and it's too dry at the moment."

He also called on the general public to act as fire ambassadors.

"Talk to your whānau and neighbours and friends about how not to start fires, and if you see any smoke dial 111.

"Go to for more on how you and your whānau can reduce the risk of fire.

"Don't be the one responsible for a catastrophic scrub fire."