Anyone can walk a dog. Dogs are easy. There is nothing special about a dog that likes walks. Even if they don't want to go for a walk they probably pretend to, just to please their walker.

Cats are different. Cats like to conserve their energy, sleeping for 20 hours a day, eating for two, and thinking about eating or sleeping for the other two. But not Wayne and Linda Zander's British shorthair cat Boris. He likes to go for walks.

He generally gets a trip around the Mangonui couple's garden mornings and afternoons, but on occasion will set off a little further afield, into a wooded reserve that Wayne and Linda part-own.

As far as one can tell from this angle it's a bit of a chore, or at least a serious business, but unlike many cats he is obviously happy to follow where others lead. Unless, of course, he's practising his stalking.