Kaitaia man Richard Gill said last week that he continued to suffer neurological symptoms from a beating he took in Tongariro Prison on May 29, 2013, and he's still fighting for recognition of his claim that the prison had not provided him with a safe environment before the attack, or proper treatment after it.

And he wants $90,000 in compensation.

Mr Gill, who was 60 at the time he was "jumped" by two fellow prisoners, and was beaten about the head with a sock weighted with batteries, said he was continuing to pursue his trade as a painter and decorator, but his injuries restricted what he was able to do.

He wrote to Minister of Justice Andrew Little last year, but had not received a response.


He had also spoken to Te Tai Tokerau MP and Corrections Minister Kelvin Davis, but at that time had been unable to provide the required paperwork.

He had written to Mr Davis more recently, but had not had a response. Mr Davis' office had said the letter had not been received.

He was now hoping for more success with National's spokesman for Corrections, Hamilton East MP David Bennett, who was due back in his office next week.

Mr Gill did receive an apology from Tongariro Prison's health centre manager, Dot Galloway, in March 2016, for any "inconvenience" he had suffered "during your stay in relation to your care and treatment."

The prison's health services had had an opportunity to reflect on his concerns, and, through ongoing education and monitoring of clinical assessments, she was confident that improvements would be made in the areas highlighted in A Health and Disability review.

A first in-service training session focusing on the assessment of a patient with a head injury was about to be held.

"Once again Mr Gill I do apologise and I hope that your are fairing (sic) well following your release," she added.

Late last year Mr Gill wrote to Mr Bennett, saying he had been shocked at how he had been treated after the assault.


"I was traumatised and outraged," he said.

"I have specialists' and doctors' reports, as well as a letter from the head nurse of the prison saying they never gave me proper medical care."

The assault had left him with a permanent injury to his left hip, while he had also suffered concussion and broken ribs.

"Corrections swept it under the carpet," he added.

Mr Gill was now seeking legal advice.