Marilyn Waring, elected as National MP for Raglan in 1975 at the age of 23, the 15th woman to enter New Zealand's Parliament, has quite a story to tell. And on Tuesday she will be at Te Ahu in Kaitaia to present that story, The Political Years, at a function hosted by Transition Towns Kaitaia.
The function starts at 6pm, admission free, with copies of her book available for purchase (and signing).

Ms Waring, described as a feminist, academic, activist for female human rights and environmental issues, and a founder of feminist economics, had a turbulent political career. She was highly critical of the 'GDP system,' which counted oil spills and wars as contributors to economic growth yet deemed child-rearing and voluntary work as valueless, and is credited with influencing academics, government accounting and United Nations policies.
She was in Parliament during the Muldoon government years, including time chairing the Public Expenditure Committee, and famously crossed the floor to support Labour's nuclear-free policy, which ultimately led to the fall of the National government in 1984.