It's official — some of the best talkers on the planet are to be found in the Hokianga.

Although they had a little help in setting a new Guinness world record for non-stop speaking.

The Far Northerners had done more than speak, Distinguished Toastmaster Rob Wightman said. They had also supporting the event as audience, particularly over the night sessions.

The speech marathon record is now 127 hours, 31 minutes and 43 seconds, set at Auckland's Waipuna Hotel and Conference Centre by 171 Toastmasters members from 71 clubs who delivered 381 speeches. Sixty-seven of those clubs were from District 112 New Zealand North, two from District 72 New Zealand South, one from District 70 Australia and one from District 92 in India.


In a letter of congratulations to Hokianga Toastmasters, Mr Wightman said the marathon also set new records for the most clubs involved, most speakers and most speeches before an audience in one location.

"All Toastmasters spoke for more than the required five minutes, some for more than an hour," he said. "Most 'ran the red' by speaking for more than 10 minutes."