Ahipara School went to the dogs again last week, and the chickens, goats and all manner of other furred and feathered friends, when it staged its annual show day.

Dogs were in particular abundance, the collection including 8-year-old American bulldog Rosie, who was making her debut. Keepa Abraham said she had slimmed down a little for the occasion, and while she displayed a slightly fearsome visage she was the most amiable of dogs, who mission in life was to make friends with anyone and everyone.

Murphy, a 1-year-old 'Donna Doolittle special,' had a reputation at home as something of an escape artist, but Ruby Saxon had him well under control, with back-up from mum Kirsty and admirer Ashley Morrogh. She had also taken her frisbee-catching skill to a new level, Ruby said.

Seven-year-old husky Kyrios should have won the friendliest face category, if there had been one, Taryn Getty saying her particular skills were finding cool spots and persuading people to part with her favourite foods — peanuts and chicken wings.


And while some of the smaller animals might have been a little nervous, it was just another day for Saige Davidson's Chinese silkie chickens, one of which, Hazel, delivered her daily egg just as she arrived.

Hazel and Cottonball were part of a small financial empire for Saige and her younger brother Tait, who sell eggs under the Eggcellent label.

Meanwhile Skyla Andrew's saanen goat Gary (who placed third in his category) was also gainfully employed, as a lawn mower and weed eater, and helped keep the school field in trim while he awaited judging.