Yvonne Sharp served a record three terms as the Far North's Mayor, and Kawakawa man Johnson Davis believes one of her achievements deserves lasting recognition.

"A month ago, whilst my wife was doing the grocery shopping in Kerikeri, I paid a visit to what I consider to be the most peaceful, relaxing and enjoyable place in Kerikeri, the Stone Store Basin," he said.

"Whilst I was there I took photos of tourists enjoying the relaxing, peaceful area and feeding the ducks, geese, pūkeko, seagulls, hens etc with 'goodies' they had no doubt purchased from one of the adjoining cafés.

"I have no doubt that if it wasn't for the vision, fortitude and goodwill shown by former Mayor Yvonne Sharp, the Bay of Islands and Northland would not have such an iconic, peaceful, tranquil and beautiful place where people of all generations can just relax, explore and enjoy. In fact if it wasn't for the former Mayor's vision the Basin would probably still be full of smelly, noisy motor vehicles going over a one-lane bridge."


Given that legacy, Mr Davis believed it was time to name the bypass that had taken vehicles away from the Stone Store Basin Yvonne Sharp Drive.

"Not only has Yvonne given the Bay of Islands and Far North this iconic treasure, but this was achieved at no cost to the ratepayers of the Far North," he said.

"I now request that the powers that be start the process to formally name the Stone Store Bypass Yvonne Sharp Drive. And to our former Mayor, I humbly say thank you."