A local fishing contest has shown that snapper are still being caught on the west coast.

A field of 44 club members and two visitors fished a 90 Mile Beach Surfcasting Club field day last month and eventually weighed in a respectable tally of 30 snapper, 55 kahawai and five trevally.

Club reporter Jack Rogers noted the catch locations were scattered the total length of the beach, with some anglers weighing in up to nine fish and others not getting a bite during the event on June 23.

"Snapper are still about in abundance even though we have passed the shortest day of the year," he said. "Historically it is not common to catch snapper after May, but considering winter is a little on the slow side to set in, it is great that club members are still catching them."


The heaviest snapper of the day, thus 1st prize, was caught by Dan Lloyd with a decent 5.60kg, while second prize for heaviest trevally went to Miko Rogers with 4.28kg, and third place overall for heaviest kahawai went to Keith Williams 1.92kg.

Other placegetters were, Kurt Lunjevich 5.46kg snapper 4, (junior) Oscar Parlour 3.65kg trevally 5, Steven Beckett 1.88kg kahawai 6, Roger Hall 4.90kg snapper 7, Henry Smith 2.18kg trevally 8, Nadine Boynton 1.71kg kahawai 9, Angela Elliot 4.42kg snapper 10.

Henry Smith also took out the haggle of a 1.61kg kahawai with a kahawai of the exact weight.


In other news, it was noted Gareth Mckenzie is on top of the leaderboard with 2444 points with Dan Lloyd in hot pursuit with 2313 points, then Milton Arnold third on 1781 points. Junior anglers Oscar Parlour and Mekhi Heka are 4th and 5th with 1748 and 1640 points respectively, followed by Matt Becker 1573 points, 6th, and Stephen Heka 1420 points, 7th.

Jo Arthur leads the females with 797 points, followed by Nadine Boynton 432, Keri Hokai 431, Amber Rogers 395, and Angela Elliot 5th with 394 points; while following behind Oscar and Mekhi in the junior standings are Daithi Parlour 567, 3rd, Arli Hokai 361, and Michael Brown 285.

The club has now gone into recess for the winter with the next field day being August 18, where fishing will take place from 8am to 3pm over a 3.3m 11am high tide. For further information on the club, including membership enquiries, contact Jack Rogers in working hours on 09 408-2660.