Kerikeri man Dave Perry has appealed to Mayor John Carter and Northland MP Matt King to fix the town's InterCity bus issues before the company pulls out.

Mr Perry said, like many other residents of Kerikeri and the surrounding district, he and his family patronised the InterCity service, which was currently the only public transport service available in any direction. He and his wife had both needed the service for visits to hospitals in Auckland or Whang─ürei many times over recent years.

They were interested in changes in the bus station at Kerikeri, and the discussion that had taken place, and were concerned that the apparent stalemate and lack of decision by the Far North District Council would result in InterCity giving up and withdrawing its service.

That would be a disaster for the region, he said, and once the service was lost it would never be restored.


"As I understand it this matter has recently been considered by the Bay of Islands-Whangaroa Community Board, which also had before it a report by consulting engineers suggesting some options to resolve this matter," Mr Perry said.

"I do not profess to be an engineer, but it is pretty obvious to anyone with a degree of common sense that the current 'temporary' station is not fit for purpose, is not enforceable in council approvals, and is a health and safety risk that could well end up costing the council and ratepayers money best spent elsewhere.

"I note from the consultants' report that a lot of consideration is given to the availability of car parks for private vehicles, and while this is important, a lot of this could be alleviated if some local businesses were required to provide their own private parking spaces rather than using up public car parks in the centre of town, as is currently the case.

"It seems that the original bus station was abandoned by the council for whatever reason, and the temporary station is not fit for purpose, which leaves us with the option of a new permanent bus station outside the library. This provides ample room for both buses to park at the same time, and as they are only there for a short time will do little to disrupt the normal traffic flow.

"I understand that is the preferred option for InterCity, as it is for us. It is central, offers nearby carparking for people wishing to catch the bus, and is also close to the information centre.

"Given all these things it is very difficult to understand how a simple issue such as this could not have been dealt with in a businesslike manner and resolved long before now."

Mr Perry asked Carter and King to turn their attention to dealing with the issue as quickly as possible, Mr Carter said the issue was under review.