Tokerau Beach and Whatuwhiwhi Residents' and Ratepayers' Association chairman Brian Page has a message for his community — if some new volunteers don't make themselves known soon, things are going to change.

Mr Page said he had to speak up about a major problem on the Karikari Peninsula, a problem that had been "creeping up on us for some time," but had now reached the point where, if something didn't change, there would be real consequences in the future.

"We are desperate for people to step up as volunteers, and play an active role in this growing community," he said.

"Most of the people on the residents' and ratepayers' committee are in the late 60 to 70-year age bracket, and unless we can get younger people along to our meetings it will have to fold at some point.


"So what? Over the past three years we have put in place footpaths, street lighting, picnic tables and much more. We have negotiated a major engineering/drainage project with the FNDC, and have begun to promote walkway/cycle paths in the area," Mr Page said.

"These are major projects, and can only be achieved after a lot of work, through a representative body. This situation also applies to the large sums of money that are available for recreational facilities from national and local sources. An organisation such as the ratepayers' association gets more notice from the FNDC and other bodies than an individual person trying to make change.

"Please give this some thought. If you would like to help, we meet at 7pm on the third Monday of every month at the Karikari Community Hall," he said.

Meanwhile, the association had conducted its AGM (at the second attempt, the first not attracting a quorum.

The current office holders were re-elected, although the secretary announced her intention, but would carry on until a successor came forward.

The officers are: chairman Brian Page, deputy chairman Tony Gillespie, treasurer Mary Watkins, secretary Leena Taylor, committee Karen Urlich, Brian and Audrey Mulcahy, Glenys Urlich, Gary Butt and Glen Mitchell.

On another note, Mr Page issued an invitation to meet Sarah Boniface, the new area liaison for Civil Defence, at the meeting on July 15, and to hear her talk about her role and share up-to-date information about Civil Defence.