Cooper's Beach resident Sheryl Bainbridge is delighted Kaitaia and Ahipara are scheduled to get some new footpaths — which she was sure owed more to the likelihood of government subsidies than that this is an election year.

But she's disappointed that there didn't seem to be anything for Doubtless Bay in the foreseeable future.

There was a short but dangerous piece of Mill Bay Rd, between SH10 and Rangikapiti Rd, that was a prime candidate for footpathing, she said, but nothing had happened despite the fact that she and other, had mentioned it to the Far North District Council on several occasions.

"It's only about 100m long, but due to the contour of the land there's nowhere to step aside when vehicles go past without heading into the bushes or risking ankle injury," she said.


"In some places there is only 20-30cm on the outside of the white line.

"This road is used constantly by children and adult walkers, runners, people exercising dogs and an increasing number of locals and visitors who visit Rangikapiti pā for the spectacular views and for exercise. The road is also constantly used by those who drive large vehicles, towing larger boats, wanting to access the Mill Bay boat ramp.

"That's all good, apart from the potential for serious harm to occur, as there is simply not enough room for everyone to be on that footpathless road at the same time." Mrs Bainbridge didn't know how the council prioritised the need for footpaths, but expected that safety would be given some sort of rating, although in this case it didn't seem to.

"It will be too late when a pedestrian is dead or injured," she said.

"May I suggest that whoever decides footpath priorities leaves the office and spends some time walking up and down this area of road? It's probably not much more arduous than thinking up reasons not to do the work.

"Choose a time when a fishing competition's going on."