At least three Russell School pupils will be amongst the thousands around the country who are expected to 'strike' on Friday next week in protest against what they say is a lack of international action on climate change.

Evie Trotter, who will be joined by Kira and Lia Kammerer, said she had been inspired by an international movement of school children striving to draw attention to climate change, which would affect her generation most.

The trio hoped that more Northland children would join the School Strike 4 Climate NZ protest.

"We are going to meet at the school swimming pool gate at 8.45am, and then walk down to the Village Green, next to the Russell Town Hall. We will strike there for the whole school day," Evie said.


"We are striking to tell our politicians to take our futures seriously, and treat climate change for what it is — a crisis. They can show us they care by taking urgent action to move New Zealand beyond fossil fuels and get the job done of moving us to 100 per cent renewable energy for all."

She was expecting more than 20 children to join the protest, and was hoping for more.

"We are also hoping lots of the community will strike with us," she added.

"We are doing this because we care about the Earth, and we want the government to care and do as much as they can too."

The student-led campaign website said climate change was one of the biggest problems facing the world, and it isn't being addressed quickly enough. In New Zealand education was viewed as immensely important, and a key way to make a difference in the world, but simply going to school wouldn't do anything about climate change.

"If this is 'our generation's nuclear-free moment,' it's time to start acting like it. So, as our contribution to the changes we want to see, we are striking from school. We are temporarily sacrificing our educations in order to save our futures," it added.