A timely warning regards water conservation from Mayor Carter in his column last Thursday, (November 15).

Perhaps it is timely to remind Kaitaia ratepayers that in 2012 the FNDC was granted a resource consent to allow for the taking of water from the Aupouri aquifer, to ensure Kaitaia had a secure and sustainable water supply.

Despite spending millions of ratepayers' funds on the Sweetwater bore project, there has been no resolution to the issues surrounding this project.

For various reasons (the council says), and I've not heard any plausible explanation, they decided to defer the bore project until 2019.


Given that the resource consent for the Awanui water take expired in November 2017, and I've not heard that it has yet been re-consented, and 2019 is only 40 days away, perhaps Mayor Carter might like to give Kaitaia residents a prognosis on what is intended for the Sweetwater bore and their sustainable water supply, which hopefully will not cost us further unexplained expense.

RD 3 Kaitaia