Councillor Mike Finlayson's article October 9 on drinking 1080-contaminated water that he took from a stream in Russell State Forest was extremely irresponsible and dangerous.

Mike attempts to paint a safe and harmless picture of an extremely harmful and deadly poison. However, 1080 does not lose its toxicity in water, it is only diluted. It remains toxic even in parts per trillion, and in such tiny quantities has been found to affect mitochondrial function and fertility.

Drinking one cup of the water, which Mike boiled first, is completely different to drinking poisoned water daily, cooking and bathing with it, giving it to your animals and using it on your land and in your garden. Trace poisoning happens slowly over time.

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The effects are unknown, because there are no long-term studies on 1080 and human health, or its effects on waterways and the delicate ecosystems within them.

The manufacturer's safety data sheet says to avoid contaminating water, that it is toxic to aquatic life, and to dispose of away from ground water.

Sadly, it's not just poison contaminating the waterways when 1080 is dropped. These pristine waters are being littered with dead animals, which remain extremely toxic for many, many months.

In Russell State Forest, long-fin eels, cockle-bullies, possums, pigs and birds were found dead, floating in the waterways by residents two days after the drop. Native aquatic snails and other invertebrates feeding on poison baits were also recorded by residents.

The damage this poison is doing to our ecosystem is clearly apparent for all to see, and as such, it is shocking and disappointing that a representative of our council would downplay the risks of this poison. In doing so he is endangering public health and our environment.