Kaitaia pizza lovers are rejoicing at the news that Pizza Hut plans to open a franchise in the town.

A representative of Restaurant Brands will be in Kaitaia on October 18, and will be keen to meet anyone who might be interested in taking up the franchise.

The company said in an advertisement yesterday it is offering new store opportunities on a "turnkey basis", meaning it will design, build and fully set-up new stores ready for the franchise holders to start trading.

The site is 42 Commerce St, which until recently was home to Mr Pizza.


The deal includes a head office team that will help with local marketing and business improvement.

Comprehensive training and support would also be provided.

Judging by the reaction on social media the new outlet won't be short of customers, although the response wasn't universally positive.

Some were worried about the effect on locally-owned food outlets, while others thought the last thing Kaitaia needed was another option for producing fat, unhealthy children.

Many people would be happier to see Kaitaia become home to K Mart.

Responses included 'I'll have a large pepperoni thanks!' and '... my dream has finally come true', but others fretted about how far the delivery service might go. One solution was to 'Chuck it on the rurals (RD) and you'll get it the next day'.

Other responses included: "What will be built first, our sports hub or Pizza Hut? The race is on. Healthy community or fatter community? Place your bets here."

'We don't need more food outlets. Support the locals, generate money back into the community, not some big corporation out of town and overseas.'

'Kaitaia the capital of takeaways.'

'Moaning gets you nowhere. Start seeing this as an opportunity instead of a negative. Competition means more businesses.'