Reading letters to the editor on Thursday, April 5, I became interested in the one about Denise being treated unfairly at Waikato Hospital (Racism is alive and well).

All was going well in my understanding until I reached the middle. Wow, I am bloody disgusted too Hone, in you! What's up with this "Maori woman" business? Kicking Denise out of the ward was ignorant but was not racist. It obviously is the rule of the ward/hospital, which carries no bias in skin colour.

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As I write this, my mother is so close to taking her last breath that she is probably unaware that she is still breathing, also due to cancer, but family members are disallowed to remain by her side over night. She is not a Maori woman, so what can I call this bad treatment?


Now why is it that you think Denise should be treated any different to anyone else? Does she personally think she has a right to violate rules because she has a different-colour skin to others who are given the same ruling?

Denise surely phoned you for comfort and help but you have sadly started your rant and pulled out your usual racism card. There is no need for that, but it confirms that racism is alive and well in your mind still, even after the long length of time I haven't heard much about/from you.

You rightly say in the letter, "Every person who is in deep pain and suffering has the right to have somebody at their side in the hours leading up to critical surgery", then off you go again on your diatribe.

You have my pity in that you feel everyone else in New Zealand is superior to part-Maori people. Broadcasting your woeful belief of racial discrimination is bringing discontent to those whom you think you are standing up for.

Can't you see that? Why don't you try being a caring and thoughtful man Hone, and join in the life of the living, the here and now?

Toss your anger and insecurities in the sewerage pond where it belongs.

RD2 Kaitaia