Police have made a personal appeal to a missing Northland woman last seen 20 months ago to come forward and let them and her family know where she is.

Kaitaia woman Traceza Urlich was hitchhiking around Northland last year when she disappeared after catching rides in the Awanui and Cable Bay areas. She was last seen in Whangarei on February 4.

The officer in charge of the case Detective Sergeant Richard Garton made an appeal for 45-year-old Urlich to come forward when the case featured on TV show Police Ten 7 on Thursday.

"Traceza if you are watching, we would really like you to get in touch with us so we can let your family know you are okay," Garton said.


Despite the lengthy amount of time since Urlich was last seen, police say they have not given up hope.

"She lives a bit of a transient lifestyle but she has her roots here and she has always come home in the past," Garton said.

"It's not unusual for her to not have a cellphone but it is unusual for her not to access her bank accounts."

Urlich's son Clem also appeared on the television show asking his mother to make contact.

He said his mum was known to hitchhike but they became worried when she did not turn up for scheduled appointments in Kaitaia.

"She did that for a long period of time, hitchhiking around. Family would see her on the road and pick her up and make sure she was all right and got her to her destination."

Urlich's disappearance has baffled family who dearly miss her. She was not someone who would go bush and live off the grid, and family had become concerned for her safety.

"I just want to find out what happened to her and get some closure I suppose, for the family and for myself as well," Clem said.


"She was different and I think if anyone had picked her up they would know or remember her."

Urlich had been living in a rental property and was receiving support from Te Mana Oranga Trust, a facility in Kaitaia that provides adult community support services for mental health and addiction.

Garton said Urlich left her flat on Matthews Ave, in Kaitaia, about 8am on February 4, 2018. Her flatmate expected Urlich to return because she had appointments that she normally would not miss.

However, police had pieced together her movements which saw Urlich hitchhike to Awanui.

She then headed south on State Highway 10 where she got a ride from Coopers Beach and was dropped off at Mangonui.

The next confirmed sighting was in Kawakawa where she was picked up and taken to a bus stop in Whangārei at 5pm, which was the last time she was seen.

Anyone with information is urged to contact police on 09 408 6500, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.