A hui for hapū who supported a plan proposed to lead Ngāpuhi to settlement is being held in Kerikeri this weekend.

The meeting comes after a working group for Kia Anga Mua Ngā Hapū O Ngāpuhi, which comprises members of Tūhoronuku who supported the evolved mande - a plan to negotiate the iwi's Treaty of Waitangi claims, was established after the mandate voting process last year.

The hapū hui, being held in Kerikeri on Sunday, is part of the working group's commitment to facilitate the next steps for hapū who voted to work together.

Rudy Taylor, co-chairman of Te Kotahitanga - the group which opposed the Crown's recognition of Tūhoronuku's mandate to negotiate claims on behalf of Ngāpuhi, said it was time for Ngāpuhi to reset and for hapū to consider how to reconfigure the mandate.


"Many hapū have already sent strong messages of support for a united way forward. This will enable hapū to co-design a shared pathway for evolving the Ngāpuhi mandate," he said.

The evolved mandate did not receive enough support from individuals or hapū.

Before moving to the next phase there needed to be support from 65 per cent of hapū and 75 per cent of individuals, but results showed of the 6177 people who voted 3168 (51.29 per cent) said yes and 2963 (47.97 per cent) said no, while 73 hapū said no and 31 said yes.

The evolved mandate vote followed months of consultation hui and submissions made by hapū and came after the Waitangi Tribunal found in 2015 the Crown-recognised mandate held by Tūhoronuku was flawed because it did not protect hapū sovereignty.

Tūhoronuku chairman Hone Sadler said it is important to consider the impact on hapū and the hui will be a step towards progressing and co-creating a shared pathway for hapū.

"Hapū are looking for a positive outcome with forward momentum."

The hui will be held at the Kerikeri NorthTec campus from 10am on Sunday.

Meanwhile, a seperate hui has been organised for later this month by leaders of Ngāpuhi hapū which rejected the evolved mandate.