It won't be first, as the government had promised — Kerikeri and the Mid North beat it — but the Kaitaia police station is preparing to adopt a 24/7 roster on October 8.

Senior Sergeant Russell Richards said the station now had 23 frontline positions, in five sections, the change meaning someone would be on duty (as opposed to on call) at all times.

"If they're not out on a job they'll be undertaking mobile patrols, including getting to some of the more remote communities outside Kaitaia," he said.

"They certainly won't be sitting at the station. Apart from processing arrests or drink-drivers, their phones and their cars now serve as their office."


The change to 24/7 would be a trial, however.

"It's not set in concrete," Richards said.

"We will want to see that the extra effort is reducing crime, that we have everything right and that it's sustainable.

"This is an exciting time," he added.

"The staff are looking forward to policing the community to the fullest, hunting down offenders and preventing crime."