Marcus Poa was raised by "foodies" so it's natural he has a passion for kai.

But when he started a Facebook group called "Give the Bro a TV Show", sharing videos of himself cooking, it was just a personal joke between friends.

However the joke turned into reality after Poa, who lives in Sydney but calls Kaikohe his "spiritual home", was approached to do a TV show.

"I'd been sharing much of the content that's on the 'Give the Bro a TV Show' page to my personal page.


"My videos just got smashed, so many people suggested I post some of these videos on a public Facebook page.

"A family member chimed in and said 'mate you need to start up your own page'. I commented back 'yeah I should and I'll call it Give the Bro a TV Show' and he replied 'you're such a dag, that's funny, but go ahead' or something like that."

And so Poa, who is of Ngapuhi descent, set up the group in November, only making it open to the public two weeks ago.

He has since been contacted by different businesses who are interested in working with him, and has made a deal with one television producer.

Poa could not give any details but said the basis of the show would be him touring around New Zealand and Australia taking food from sea and land to plate.

"My father is a bit of a foodie, as is my mother.

"I've been cooking like this for 20 years, and yes, my cooking has certainly improved and evolved over the years and I've become more audacious in relation to the types of ingredients I now use.

"But I could have never anticipated my videos would resonate with so many different types of people from countries all over the world."

Cooking at the beach after diving & getting 2 crayfish, a few paua (abalone) & kina (sea urchin). I then cook 1 cray tail with sliced paua, lemongrass, ginger, fresh chilly, green peppers, spanish onions, cherry tomatoes, spring onions with cream & garnished with fresh corriander. I had a few local Ozzie lads stop, watch & chat, so I fed them too. Share the love. Follow my journey through New Zealand at; Give the Bro a TV Show (Chef Marcus)

Posted by Marcus Poa on Saturday, 27 January 2018

Poa grew up in Maramarua in Waikato but his father is from Kaikohe, and Poa visited there often. He still has family in Kaikohe, whom he describes as his biggest fans - other than his parents and siblings.

He moved to Sydney in 1997 at the age of 18 and his first job was at a popular seafood restaurant where his taste buds "evolved". From there he worked at a Greek Cafe.

For the past 17 years, he has worked in debt collection and litigation, specialising in car crash and motor insurance claims.

But the father of two said cooking was his dream job and his upbringing had contributed to the way he cooked.

"My father has given me a lot of confidence in life to try new things and to always back myself.

"Standing around the hangi and watching my father pull hundreds and thousands of hangi over the years, watching my mother cook in the kitchen, it's been inspiring for me."