Corinne Austin's fitness tips have paid off in a big way after becoming New Zealand's Personal Trainer of the Year.

Austin received the accolade at the New Zealand Exercise Industry Awards after making it through an original pool of 50 budding trainers.

She said she was on top of the world after finally picking up the award.

"I'm still floating up on Cloud Nine. I reckon I feel like the All Blacks did when they won the World Cup," she said.


"Having been in the running for this award twice in the past [2010, and 2013] and having come away with the bridesmaid title both times I had my fair share of disappointment.

"As a contender and finalist, you actually have no idea what the judges are looking for. You can simply just put your best foot forward and show them who you are, what you're about, and what you stand for.

"So although I was entirely confident I had done my best and was exhibiting my authentic self, at no point was I expecting the award."

Austin has been working in the industry for 12 years, running Fit Fix for 10 of those.

The Whangarei trainer has always held herself to high standards and said it was great to be acknowledged.

"I've always had this itch in me to have it acknowledged on a formal level that I'm doing the absolute best I can. Entering the awards is a real process of evaluation and interrogation," she said.

"It dares you to turn your business inside out, expose all the things that drive the boat and make the cogs turn, and present that to an anonymous panel of judges.

"Knowing this then, entering the awards has always been a great little strategy of identifying the strengths and weaknesses, the successes and triumphs – and even on the previous two attempts it's for that reason been a wonderful developmental process."

Austin originally studied at the Waikato Institute of Technology and graduated with a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science. She then spent two years as a fitness instructor before taking on personal training.

She said she never looked back.

Austin is looking to continue to do what she loves doing and maintain her improvements.

"I want to upskill and mentor my staff and help them all feel like champions and to keep their work life full of buzz and joy. I hope to also continue my work with helping people move more and move happy," she said.

"In my judges' comments they mentioned that I'm a PT who 'goes beyond sets and reps' and into enhancing the full experience the client has under my care, embracing a more holistic approach.

"I want it to be known that exercise doesn't have to be brutal or hard-core or #fitspo to have benefits – and that there is so much more to exercise than just sets and reps.

"It's about having fun, involving yourself in a community of others who share your fitness goals, moving often, moving with purpose, but most of all doing only the things that bring you the greatest happiness and sense of satisfaction."