Budding jockey Jasmine Fawcett is one step closer to the big league of Group One racing.

On Wednesday she raced Debatable in the Lion Red Ruakaka Race Day run by Whangarei Racing Club.

The 24-year-old jockey is from Matamata and has been riding horses since the age of 5.

Although she has always dreamt of riding horses, it was just five years ago that she decided to become a jockey.


Ms Fawcett entered a jockey "apprenticeship" with a trainer that took her on board and she began "race day riding" one and a half years ago.

She has been training with various trainers since.

Ms Fawcett admits that training as a jockey is hard and involves much dedication.

"Preparation involves a strict diet, early mornings and good work ethic."

She spoke of being ready to lose weight quickly and the importance of remaining light for races.

She is now racing up to three times a week and working towards her ultimate goal of competing in Group One races.