Bay of Islands woman Denise Knop has set her sights high and hopes other young farmers will share her vision - and her sense of adventure.

A contract dairy farmer with her partner, Miss Knop is planning an expedition to Everest Base Camp to raise money for Nepalese agricultural charities. To make it a community event and a challenge for other young Northland farmers, she has roped in other members of the Northern region of New Zealand Young Farmers (NZYF).

"The Northern region's slogan is 'Miles above the rest', so in a way the trip is a play on that too," Miss Knop said.

"Everest is literally miles above everywhere else."


She said her idea was at first met with disbelief but once it was explained many in the organisation thought it would be a great adventure. She said the trip was "something positive" in light of the difficult conditions many in the industry were facing.

"I'm always challenging myself to something new and this was an exciting trip to do."

Miss Knop, her partner and other members of the Bay of Islands NZYF club aim to do the 26-day trip in April 2018, the long timeframe giving plenty of time to fundraise and also network with local and Nepalese aid groups.

She said last year's devastating earthquake in Nepal was also an incentive, making it even more important that young farmers in this country reached out to help another agricultural community. All NZYF members who were keen to join the expedition from around New Zealand would be welcomed, she said.

The Northern region of NZYF's commitment to developing leadership skills was part of that challenge.

"I love the leadership development that NZYF encourages. The organisation has given me the opportunity to network and meet heaps of people of similar age in my area."

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