Generous offers from around New Zealand but mainly Northland have seen an emergency vet bill for a small dog attacked by a roaming American pitbull paid off in a week.

Jim Morgan was out walking his much-loved dog Sandy in Harold Ave, Kaikohe, last Saturday at 9am. Jim was knocked to the ground and despite attempts to pull the attacking dog away he didn't have the strength and could only lie on the ground and yell for help.

Sandy was left with numerous bite wounds and Jim a bite to his hand. Jim was dealt with by a doctor while a vet stitched Sandy's wounds. The expert attention had Sandy on the path to recovery but came at a cost, close to $700.

The Northern Advocate reported on the attack last Monday and received a string of phone calls from people wanting to help pay the vet bill. People reading the story online in Auckland and Wellington had also been moved to help the Kaikohe duo.


Over the last week cash donations left at the Northern Age totalled $490 (including $200 from one person yesterday), Kerikeri $85, Northern Advocate's Whangarei office $190 and FNDC Kaikohe office $105. People also contacted the Bay of Islands vets and donated online. The Kaikohe clinic's vet nurse, Anne Cocks, said only $165 was owing so the cash donations would more than cover it.

"There are so many good people out there wanting to do good. It's been a traumatic experience for both Jim and Sandy and having the bill paid for will be a weight off his mind."

Whangarei-based Pet Essentials put together a $400 pack of goodies for Sandy which was delivered to him this week.

"I really didn't expect this," Jim said.

-For more on Jim and Sandy, see today's 48 Hours.