The local body elections are being held on October 8, when voters will elect representatives in the Whangarei, Far North and Kaipara district councils, the Northland Regional Council and Northland District Health Board. Nominations open on July 15 so we thought we'd approach sitting members of the councils to find out if they would stand again and ask what their biggest contribution has been to their council. Today we look at Far North District Council.

John Carter (Mayor)

Said it was too early to comment about the 2016 elections.

Tania McInnes (Deputy Mayor, BOI-Whangaroa Ward)
First term councillor. Running again in 2016.
Provided clear leadership, a governance approach, fresh "big picture" thinking, passion and commitment. Led the development of Our Voices Our Vision - a pathway to a district of sustainable prosperity and well-being. Was proud of what had been achieved to date by the council, which is united for the betterment of the district.


Sally Macauley (Kaikohe-Hokianga Ward)
Third term councillor. Running again in 2016. Has focused on ensuring council's democratic decision-making and action on behalf of communities. Advocated for good quality infrastructure and services that are cost effective. Advanced a number of projects relating to youth and older people.
Project managed and fundraised a $100,000 renewal of Kaikohe skate park. Has concentrated on Hokianga projects including new drinking fountains and the community shed.

Ann Court (BOI-Whangaroa Ward)
Fourth term councillor. Running again in 2016.
Represented the Far North on the Regional Land Transport Committee and Roadsafe Northland and helped achieve a 22 per cent increase in subsidy funding for road maintenance and operations. Worked with NZTA to prioritise and improve the state highway network. Funded and provided technical support to develop business cases for capital investment in new roading projects underway and dust suppression trials.

John Vujcich (Kaikohe-Hokianga Ward)
First term councillor. Running again in 2016.
Through leadership, focus and vision, was instrumental in establishing a cohesive team, leading to mutual co-operation, respect and trust. Collectively brought the Northland councils together to advocate with one voice and through sound evidence-based arguments achieved government commitment to the inland freight route, significantly more funding for roading, footpaths, and cycle trail. Chairman, Infrastructure Committee. Empowerment of communities,

Willow-Jean Prime(BOI-Whangaroa Ward), Di Maxwell (BOI-Whangaroa Ward), Colin (Toss) Kitchen (Te Hiku Ward), David Collard (Te Hiku Ward), Mate Radich (Te Hiku Ward) did not respond.