Whangarei's MP will write to every council in the country encouraging them to force offensive campervans off the streets.

MP Shane Reti said he was appalled by the presence of a Wicked Campers van in Waipu recently which carried a slogan deemed too offensive to print.

Dr Reti reported the matter to Whangarei District Council (WDC) and planned to write to all councils, encouraging them to review their signage laws and be prepared to use them to fine the campervan hire company.

He commended the WDC, which had written to Wicked Campers following the Waipu sighting in January, advising fines of up to $20,000 were possible if the van remained on the district's streets. The council also warned that campers could be woken in the middle of the night if people complained about the offensive slogans.


Since that story broke, Dr Reti said he had been inundated with messages from people, including other politicians, expressing support for anything which could bring Wicked Campers into line.

The company has ignored multiple censures from the Advertising Standards Authorities and pleas from Women's Refuge to remove messages promoting violence towards women.

"This Australian company may choose to ignore New Zealand's self-regulating advertising authority, but bylaws are enforceable by the police and they will need to comply," Dr Reti said.

Terry Harris made the complaint to Dr Reti about the Waipu van, which he thought was still in the area. He said he was disappointed WDC had not proceeded with prosecuting the company. "I'm pleased they've made the noise ... But we have trustworthy witnesses and the number plate. What's stopping them doing it now?" he said.

WDC's Paul Dell said he had sent an email and letter to the company. He was yet to hear back but said advising the company of the district's bylaw was part of an initial exploratory conversation.

"No legal action is currently in train," he said.