It is back to plain sailing at Whangarei Dog Park with stolen shade covers returned by a mystery woman.

Dog Park Committee chairman Tony Gill said he was thankful for the return of the donated sails, which were stolen with their fittings in mid-December from the Pohe Island park.

The 3 metre by 3 metre sails were installed in January after being donated by Bunnings Warehouse and a park user. All three sails had distinctive orange and white coloured ropes. They disappeared overnight and with the nine-member committee working hard to raise money to improve the park they were "upset and annoyed" by the theft.

"There were a few expletives ... It's basically disappointment. The committee is there to make the park better so obviously they're going to be upset and annoyed," Mr Gill said at the time.


But their return has been welcomed.

"A lady said she bought them and later noticed the Advocate article on the net and from that, the white and orange rope was the identifying sign. She said that she bought them off a boy who said he got them from his boss," Mr Gill said.

Mr Gill said committee members were upset by the theft of the park's sole source of shade because they had been holding training sessions on Wednesday nights for $5 to help pay for improvements to the park's drainage and facilities.

"The good news is that the sails are back - someone returned them and everyone is happy now."

Mr Gill was thankful for the support of Whangarei District Council and Bunnings Warehouse - the latter having contributed three staff to plant 25 trees and shrubs in the park.

"This adds to many improvements that the committee has done during 2015 with more to come over the 2016 year."