The world's most powerful man could line up for a round of golf at the exclusive Kauri Cliffs golf resort in Northland this year.

Rumours are swirling that US president Barack Obama could visit New Zealand before his second presidential term comes to an end, although the Government has said there are no such plans at this stage.

The President will travel to Japan in May for a Group of 7 summit meeting, with likely extra stops including New Zealand during that trip. The Kauri Cliffs resort yesterday refused to confirm reports of US security service personnel visiting the site, near Matauri Bay, to conduct checks.

"We have a strict policy of not commenting on any of our guests, whether they are past or present ones. At this stage, we've seen the same media reports as you have," a spokesman said.


Asked whether the resort would love to play host to Obama, he said: "We'd love everybody to come and stay here, whether they are coming for golf or simply for a stay."

President Obama is a keen golfer and has previously played with Prime Minister John Key in Hawaii in 2014.

Northland tourism operator Jeroen Jongejans said a visit by Obama to the northern-most region of New Zealand would be "absolutely fantastic".

It would help put Northland on the international stage, he said.

"If he comes here with an army of security and journalists in May when it's reasonably warm and it's not a peak season for us, they can visit the scenery but the PR we get, in particular in the United States, of course will be fantastic."

He said Air New Zealand has recently started flights to Texas as the US was a major tourism market for New Zealand and Northland.

"We in Northland are always competing with the rest of the country for a reasonable slice of the tourism market and our safe and sub-tropical climate is enjoyed by our visitors, including VIPS."

Mr Jongejans suggested Obama visit four historic places - Tane Mahuta, Cape Reinga, Waitangi, and the Poor Knights - if he decided to visit Northland.

"The big tree from the United States visiting the big tree from Northland ... " he said.

If President Obama were to come to New Zealand, it would be the first US presidential visit since Bill Clinton's trip in 1999.

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