Re: Letter from Colin Edward in praise of Winz.

In North Shore Hospital, a beneficiary friend is in ICU.

My African friend (mother of an intellectually disabled son, 23, and another son recovering from insanity) has been paid $389 a week for over a year when her rent is $400 a week.

I have kept her from starving during this time with a weekly automatic payment, but did not realise that the lack of money for petrol, doctor's fees and prescriptions kept her seriously ill for over a month. Then I sent her $60 for medical care, she still did not recover fully - no heating, so I am paying her electricity bill as well.


Paula Bennett knows how little she is paid and tells me "I am surprised you have to send her money" and lists four types of benefit available, three of which have to be repaid, and one not applicable.

J Peterson