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Marie Kaire from Whanagarei comments on New Zealand's current housing crisis.

Nick Smith of National Party assured the House before the elections that the housing crisis was under control.

Well, he must also live on Planet Key, because in 2007 only 133 families were waiting for social housing in Auckland whereas in 2014 there are a whopping 3188 families in that queue. The criteria for getting into social housing is geared to keeping families out.

How can any self-respecting Government agency allow a family of six to live in a car, especially with a baby?


Who did these families vote for? NZ has become a Third World country.

Even families keen to buy their own house are caught in the National poverty trap, as they are currently paying from 40 to 70 per cent of their income on rent and have no hope in hell of saving a 20 per cent deposit on a home of their own with a National Government cut off of $16,200 where upon their accommodation supplement is lost making saving impossible!

Marie Kaire