Thanks to a long summer, cats in Whangarei have had a second wind and the SPCA is once again dealing with an influx of kittens.

There are currently 38 kittens and cats at the Whangarei SPCA - triple the number on an average week - and the organisation is calling for donations of cat and kitten food, centre team leader Andrea Honeybun said.

"It's been a long summer with no rain - the cats just keep on breeding. They don't really stop until it gets colder.

"Ten cats and kittens went to homes over the weekend, which was good, but there are more coming in to replace them," she said.


Around 20 kittens currently too young to go to homes are being fostered by volunteers, Ms Honeybun said.

"The food is putting a strain on our resources. We are well equipped to hold this many, but when you've got 20 foster people coming in to collect food, it makes it more difficult."

One of those kittens is 5-week-old Seve - named so because he was found at the Denby Golf Course. Ms Honeybun is his foster parent.

Once old enough, fostered kittens like Seve will be in the cattery where they stay until adoption. No kittens are on death-row, unless they are sick or have major behavioural issues, Ms Honeybun said. "Once they hit cattery they are all rehomed."

It is a timely reminder for all Whangarei residents to do their bit to help curb the kitten season. "Please desex your pet."

The Whangarei SPCA is appealing for donations of Chef tinned kitten food and Chef plain jelly meat.

Donations can be dropped off at the Kioreroa Rd centre.