Just one woman turned out to protest a church's offer to help gays "overcome their same-sex attraction issues" - despite an outcry on social media.

Last week Paihia's Baptist Church invited anyone who had problems with same-sex attraction to hear the life story of a man who had overcome his issues. The ad, placed in Mid North community newspapers, said the man and his wife had helped many others.

The advert sparked an outcry on social media including the Northland Grapevine Facebook page.

Despite the furore the only person to show up in person for a peaceful protest was Ohaeawai woman Alissa Gibbs, who placed the original post on the Northland Grapevine. Ms Gibbs said she felt "slightly disheartened".


"There was so much outrage, and so many comments, yet no-one could be bothered showing up to actually try to get their point across nicely. They'd rather angrily type away at a computer," she said.

She left rainbow-coloured posters on the church sign and fence saying "God Loves us all", "Free 2 be" and "Love & acceptance not self-hate & "cures".

Pastor Bill Anderson did not wish to comment.