Cameron Mall became cupcake central yesterday in a fundraising effort by the Whangarei SPCA.

It was part of the national fundraising drive, SPCA Cupcake Day.

Hundreds of cupcakes were baked and then carefully iced by Whangarei SPCA staff and volunteers, as well as members of the community who registered online.

Whangarei SPCA centre team leader Andrea Honeybun said the cupcakes sold in the mall raised the branch $794.


There were also $1049 in business orders, not to mention the registration fees people paid to bake, currently held by national office to be divided out to the regional branches at a later date.

"It's a great day of fundraising," Ms Honeybun said.

The money will be going towards Whangarei SPCA's work of caring for and rehoming animals, she said.

Whangarei SPCA's Tracy Thomas said a lot of cupcake-eaters had positive feedback, and mentioned previous years' cupcake days.

"We get heaps of support in the mall," she said.

It was also good to have the likes of More FM's John and Flash on board, she said.