Auckland couple Monique Lambermon and Mike Koshik-Kanji have transplanted their big city clothing and design business to the Mid North town.

The couple moved from Auckland, where they had been running their successful business since 2014, producing everything from singlets to wedding attire and racing gear.

Seamstress and designer Monique, who specialises in high fashion, is originally from Christchurch, but had been working in Auckland for more than 15 years.

She and partner Mike settled in a property earlier this year in Horeke, west of Kaikohe, which they said is a magic place, beating anything in Auckland.


They have also bought the former Northern News building in Broadway for their new business, Home of Hammed. The company ships garments around New Zealand and overseas, and hopes to open a retail outlet before Christmas.

Monique plans to bring most of her 25 industrial sewing machines to Kaikohe, and find qualified seamstresses. If that doesn't happen she and Mike will look at offering opportunities for up to 15 people to learn on the job.

Hammed Ltd started in 2014 with a vision to be an exclusive clothing brand around sports, corporate and hardcore, to have a history that gives purpose, Monique said.

The name Hammed was inspired from Mike's younger cricket-playing days when he acquired the nickname Hammered.

In addition to the clothing and design business, the couple is planning to offer a sublimation printing service.

This printing method involves a technique of printing on fabric where the ink is infused into the material rather than sitting on top of it.

The couple is currently working with a company in Auckland to source the sublimation printer and heat press and will be organising an exclusive marketing plan for Hammed since they will be the only company offering full in-house work.

Monique said Hammed can offer the sublimation printing service from design, print, heat press, cut, sew and complete all in-house.


No other similar business does this in New Zealand currently.

They can also offer sublimation printing not just on fashion fabric, but flags, banners, etc, plus many other promotional products, such as pet tags and bowls, kitchen products, tiles, cellphone covers and more, in the near future.