A new broadband comparison website offers Northlanders the chance to find the best broadband deals on offer in New Zealand.

The Broadband Compare website opened for business late last week and offers internet users the chance to visit a free-to-use, one-stop-shop website to see over 2700 broadband deals on offer from 70 internet service providers operating in New Zealand.

Broadband Compare founder and CEO Gavin Male said the number of Kiwis online is predicted to grow to 4.4 million by 2020 and as ultra-fast broadband is rolled out throughout the country, the site would become a key tool for internet consumers.

"When compared to other markets internationally, New Zealand is actually very expensive for internet services, especially for higher data users," he said. "Broadband Compare will empower consumers to find the most appropriate broadband plan for them, at the best price."


He said there is a perception there are only a handful of internet service providers (ISPs) operating in New Zealand "but in reality there are actually more than 80 ISPs, offering a total of more than 2700 packages, and that's a lot of choice".

In the UK, comparison services such as uSwitch and Broadbandchoices, or comparethemarket.com.au in Australia, are already offering consumers this service.

Mr Male noticed an obvious gap in the market on moving to New Zealand from the UK.

"I needed a broadband provider and wanted the best deal I could possibly get in my region, but there was no tool to help me find it."

He said New Zealand is expensive for internet services, especially for higher data users, compared internationally.

An added advantage is that the website gives smaller internet service providers an equal voice, helping to level the playing field in a market dominated by a handful of major players.

"While a consumer may not know of all the ISPs operating in their region, Broadband Compare exposes the full list of market offerings, maximising competition pressure."

Users can go onto the site and do a survey to find a preferred provider. If the user chooses one of the eight providers Broadband Compare is currently in a relationship with then the company takes a one-off commission from the IPS. If the survey indicates the preferred provider is not part of that group then the user is directed to that preferred provider.


"Hopefully down the track we will make money but first we want to educate people about the alternatives on offer from different ISPs."

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