With Covid-19 confining people to their homes, reporter Logan Tutty looks at how Whanganui people are adapting everyday activities for the lockdown.

First up is Carla Tonks who has started running virtual fitness classes to help keep people active at home during the lockdown.

Tonks and her family moved to Whanganui from the UK last February for a "lifestyle change" and are loving it so far.

Tonks, who was personal trainer in the UK, retrained once arriving to New Zealand, focusing on post-natal coaching and one-on-one lessons.


A week before the lockdown, Tonks begun "buggyfitness" classes, fitness classes where mums bring buggies and their babies to the classes and do exercises specifically designed and safe for new mums, which will be back up and running post-lockdown.

Since the nation entered lockdown, Tonks decided she would take her classes to the internet, where people from home can join in.

Tonks' first class was yesterday, with eight people joining her via video conferencing.

"It gives some people an opportunity to keep moving and getting a little bit of exercise, which I know for me is key. It definitely makes me feel happier during the day if I've done something."

Tonks wants the classes to be accessible to everyone.

"Key for me is to not keep it too complicated for people," she said.

The classes will be based on body weight exercises, cardio and utilising everyday items around the house.

Tonks said staying active is crucial, and even more so with the lockdown in place.


"Just to keep healthy. It's important not to do too much, because if you're doing loads of high-intensity work, that will take a toll on your body. But just keep yourself moving keep yourself healthy from a physical aspect.

"I think also the key is the mental aspect as well. All of a sudden you are stuck at home and it also helps bring some routine into life."

While not an advocate for diets, good eating habits are key in such a time, Tonks said.

"Its about moderation and portion control."

With all fast food restaurants closed, Tonks said it may encourage more people to cook healthy meals and she recommended sharing recipes with friends and family.

"Generally speaking, non-processed foods are going to be healthier for you."

Classes will be run on Tuesdays at 3pm and Fridays at 10am for 30 minutes on Zoom. Links to the classes will be posted on Tonks Facebook page or her website.