New Zealand Red Cross team members could soon be knocking at your door but there's no need for alarm - it's all part of connecting with the community.

More than 80 Red Cross volunteers will take part in Exercise Mowhanau in Maxwell, Waitotara, Kai Iwi and Whanganui on Friday, November 29, to Sunday, December 1.

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"A key part of what New Zealand Red Cross does in an emergency response is community outreach, which is when we head into neighbourhoods to check in on people who might have been affected and find out how they are doing," Tori Bisset, Red Cross' disaster welfare and support team leader in Whanganui, said.


Exercise Mowhanau will involve Red Cross volunteers from Kapiti, Wairarapa, Wellington, Taranaki, Hawke's Bay and Whanganui. Tasks will include setting up a Civil Defence welfare centre and ground-based rescue, as well as community outreach.

"Regular training means that we are ready to respond as soon as we are called upon," Bisset said.

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"Our team's full of people with diverse skills, knowledge and experience, so it's great when we can get together to train in realistic exercises.

"Often, when deployed, our role is to provide information and emotional support to members of the public who have been affected. Getting out into the community helps us practice and develop these skills."

This year Red Cross teams have responded to various emergency events, including the Christchurch mosque attacks, Rotorua bus crash and Nelson-Tasman fires.