Horizons Regional Council will have six returning and six new councillors, according to the final local body election results.

The returning councillors include Whanganui representatives David Cotton and Nicola Patrick who were elected unopposed. The others are Bruce Gordon (Manawatū-Rangitikei), Rachel Keedwell, Jono Naylor and Wiremu Te Awe Awe (Palmerston North).

The six new councillors are Sam Ferguson and Emma Clarke (Horowhenua), John Turkington (Manawatū-Rangitikei), Fiona Gordon (Palmerston North), Weston Kirton (Ruapehu), and Allan Benbow (Tararua).

Horizons electoral officer Craig Grant said the current council will stand down on Sunday night, with Horizons chief executive Michael McCartney acting as chair until the inaugural council meeting on Tuesday, October 22.


"At their first council meeting, councillors will elect who their chair for the next three years will be," Grant said.

"Horizons would like to acknowledge Gordon McKellar and Lindsay Burnell who missed out on re-election. Both represented their communities and the wider region for three and four terms respectively."

Final results:
Horowhenua Constituency (two members): Sam Ferguson (5560), Emma Clarke (3793), Lindsay Burnell (3709), Geoff Kane (3549), Karen Adams (2151), Owen Greig (2087), Michael Kay (1621), Phil Taueki (1045), informal (20), blank (639).

Manawatū-Rangitikei Constituency (two members): John Turkington (5843), Bruce Gordon (5710), Gordon McKellar (5138), Soraya Peke-Mason (3556), Teresa Schulz (2862), Leslie Pillow (828), informal (85), blank (865).

Palmerston North Constituency (four members): Rachel Keedwell (10,936), Jono Naylor (10,329), Wiremu Te Awe Awe (9547), Fiona Gordon (8951), Chris Teo-Sherrell (8383), Jack Dowds (7052), Darryl Cleland (4674), informal (524), blank (1015).

Ruapehu Constituency (one member): Weston Kirton (1627), Richard Steele (1026), Moana Ellis (775), informal (195), blank (232).

Tararua Constituency (one member): Allan Benbow (2629), Lorraine Stephenson (1684), Andrew Day (1665), informal (12), blank (315).

Whanganui Constituency (two members): David Cotton and Nicola Patrick elected unopposed.