At the start of the Harvey Round Motors Isuzu Winter Series MX season, James Rountree set himself a goal and on Sunday he achieved it.

It was the final day of the season at Languards Bluff and the 16-year-old pulled off a remarkable double, winning the Junior 125cc class and the Senior A Grade Under.

The accomplishment has never been achieved in motocross at the Wanganui Motorcycle Club.

"It was my goal at the start of the series to win those two classes," Rountree said.


"That was the first time I've won two classes in a series and I've got to say thanks to everyone who has helped me out. It was really good."

About 150 riders competed at each event aged from just 4 years old right up to 67.

Next, Rountree finishes club series for Taupo and Manawatū before travelling the Tasman for a second crack at the Junior MotoX Nationals in Tasmania in September.

"I did the Junior Nationals in Australia last year, but I'm hoping to do a bit better this year now that I know what the competition's like," he said.

"They're pretty fast over there, but I'm a lot faster than I was last year and I'll have a better mindset heading into it."

The Harvey Round Motors Isuzu Winter Series MX ended on Sunday with over 150 riders in each event. Photo / Stuart Munro
The Harvey Round Motors Isuzu Winter Series MX ended on Sunday with over 150 riders in each event. Photo / Stuart Munro

Rountree said he doesn't have a clear goal for Australia, he is just going to go over and do the best he can.

In the meantime, it is training as usual.

"I'll ride most weekends and do lots of off-the-bike training like cycling, mountain biking and a bit of gym work too, like the rowing machine," Rountree said.

"You have to be quite fit to do motocross, most people don't understand that unless they've ridden before. It's quite hard to explain."

Strength is a big factor when it comes to riding and competing in motocross.

"It helps you control your bike a lot better and helps you hit your lines every lap," Rountree said.

"I used to just do a lot of cardio and I'd find that at the end of a race my technique wouldn't be that great.

"But now I've been working on strength a bit more and I'm able to not make so many mistakes at the end of a race."

Rountree was 4 or 5 years old when he first became interested in motorbikes and motocross.

He started riding when his dad, Antony Rountree, got back into riding and bought a bike after he had stopped for some time.

He is inspired by Dutchman Jeffrey Herlings and American Eli Tomac. If he keeps this up, he might be that inspiration for others one day.