"There's nothing to be alarmed about and I think people who are frightening our children and things like that need to take a good hard look at themselves."

Geologist and "fix the bloody roads" founder Andrew Hollis says he won't support a climate emergency.

"There is no emergency, no change in the climate over the last 150 years," he said.

Hollis explained his reasoning further in a video interview with Local Focus as well as talking about his background, "fix the bloody roads" and why he's running for mayor and council.


"I felt that the candidates that were presented at the beginning of process fell into two categories. They were existing councillors, or past councillors, and one new person that did not have direct roots with Tauranga, who spent four months coming here and not much else. I felt that people of Tauranga needed another choice."

Hollis has put his hat in the ring for mayor of Tauranga as well as councillor at large.

He says some of the issues in Tauranga are recycling waste, infrastructure and protecting Mauao.

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