Heritage Homes is built on foundations of class, character, quality and craftsmanship. And the national building company is seeking new licensees who will fulfil the company’s traditions.

Owner John Mitchell and general manager Hayden Jones are currently looking for people passionate about building to take up new business opportunities around New Zealand, including two in Northland – in Kaipara and Whangarei areas.

They are seeking special candidates who share their passion for quality.

"We pride ourselves on choosing people who are master craftsmen with an eye for detail,'' John says. "Our builders are expected to be as passionate about quality as we are.''

Heritage Homes sits apart from other builders, building new homes in the style of classic bungalows, villas and cottages, Hayden says.


"Our clients are looking for the classic look of yesteryear, with all the modern comforts,'' he says.

"We want our homes to have the beauty of classic styles from 100 years ago that will still look beautiful in another 100 years.''

He says they often confuse neighbours who can't believe the houses have been built from scratch and not moved on and refurbished.

"We take that as an absolute compliment."

While the classic house designs might look as if they are from a bygone era, modern building standards mean they are warm and comfortable for New Zealand families.

Hayden says particular attention is paid to details such as insulation in walls, ceilings and under floorboards.

Timber weatherboards are scanned in the factory for sap products and have a triple primer applied before arriving on site.

They are then painted with two topcoats to seal the weatherboards completely from the weather, which means they are low maintenance.


"When you walk into one of our houses, you can immediately see the quality. We don't skimp on anything and use only top brands for all our fittings,'' Hayden says.

John says there is no cookie-cutter approach to the building process with Heritage Homes.
"Our builders see a project through from start to finish, and as owner I personally visit each completed home and, if possible, have a cup of tea with the owners to make sure they are happy. That's the sort of pride we have always had in our service.''

Heritage Homes Owner John Mitchell and General Manager Hayden Jones. Photo / Supplied
Heritage Homes Owner John Mitchell and General Manager Hayden Jones. Photo / Supplied

Heritage Homes was launched in 2000 by John's father, Keith Mitchell.

He had an aversion to mass production of homes, and believed clients would value homes that have been built to have the character of yesteryear.

His vision has proved accurate, with the business growing exponentially throughout the years.

Mitchell says "Our new licensees will be busy with plenty of enquiry and we will provide support to help them grow their area as well as access to our preferential suppliers and special prices. We are a nationally recognized housing company and this is a great opportunity.''

Clients can also become involved by agreeing to own a showhome which the company rents for a year or two.

"It's a great investment and we make very good tenants,'' Hayden says.

Interested candidates for the licensee opportunities can contact Heritage Homes General Manager Hayden Jones hayden@hhomes.nz or visit www.heritagebuildings.co.nz/licence-opportunities