On Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the 2017 Super 8 schoolboys' rugby final.

It was a magnificent game played by young men in adult bodies.

There were times when inexperience cost both teams scoring opportunities but I am not going to criticise the players for one moment on that score.

Throwing the ball around and endeavouring to score tries is a cornerstone of 1st XV rugby.


As a follower of rugby and a one-time coach at this level, can I congratulate Hastings BHS on their astonishing achievements so far this season.

They have brought much pleasure to their supporters and we will be hearing and seeing much more of some of this team in the future.

But who were the rocket scientists who came up with this method of declaring Hamilton BHS the Super 8 Rugby winners?

Hastings BHS won the round robin with 34 points over Hamilton's 31.

The previous Saturday Hastings defeated Hamilton (away) in the final round-robin match. Hastings ended this part of the season with a vastly superior points deferential.

The final ended 12-12, with both teams scoring their points in identical fashion.

There was no provision for extra time. I imagine this may have been because of the fact that it was being televised live and scheduling was the king.

So clearly the Super 8 title for 2017 should have gone to Hamilton BHS.


Can one of the administrators who came up with this scenario explain to me the tie-breaking significance of scoring the first try? In this case it was Hamilton BHS.

In my opinion extra time should have been played and if the deadlock still existed then what happened over the course of the round-robin competition should have been taken into account.

Another method of breaking a deadlock which has been used in some competitions revolves around 5m scrums. (ie the team with the highest number of attacking 5m scrums is adjudged the winner).

This, or a penalty count, would be a much more relevant method to adjudge which team merits the victory.

This was a cruel way to lose this match. What is more, I imagine that as exalted as the Hamilton players were at the end of the game, in their heart of hearts they must know they scarcely merit the label of Super 8 rugby champions for 2017.

I understand from the TV commentary that the Hastings BHS season is not over so maybe this disappointment can be used as motivation for the remainder of the season.

Can I wear my coaching hat for one second and suggest that in tight games three points can be useful when there for the taking? Finally, can I say I am not in any way involved with Hastings BHS, merely an avid supporter of 1st XV rugby in the Bay.

-- David Brock, Napier