Jeepers I'm exhausted. I've used my allocated year's worth of nights out in just one week!

I've had four social night engagements in the last seven days and I'm feeling it. Working in breakfast radio means you're invited to lots of things but a lot of people don't realise that you hardly ever go to anything because you have to get up four hours later and actually perform a job.

A job where you have to sound slightly coherent - and I find that hard at the best of the times.

I often find I will RSVP to something early in the week with the bravado of someone who put some weekend sleep in the bank and by the time the night out actually comes along I'm so exhausted that I have to decline.


When I do this, friend usually respond with "you're only young once, harden up and come out" and I ignore their messages and go back to sleep.

But on Friday night, I met up with some school mums who were very surprised to actually see me out after dark, and we went out for dinner.

Now after a couple of glasses of Prosecco and some Pad Thai (I was carbo loading for the marathon the next day), we thought it would be a great idea to see how the other half live and we popped into a local bar in Onekawa.

There was a live band playing Sweet Home Alabama as we walked in, it's one of my favourite songs, this was surely a sign of a great night out!

But it gets better, the wine was priced like it was back in 2002, score, but the downside was I couldn't work out if I felt really old or really young!!

People on the dance floor were either in their early 20s or early 50s. The type of people that didn't have children yet, and the type of people that had children old enough to have left home so they were letting loose.

It was confusing. It was nostalgic. And after five minutes it was too hard to hear so Vanessa and I drank our value for money wine, and left the young mums to it.

There's only so much bad mums can handle, and staying out after 9.45pm in Onekawa isn't one of them. – Megan Banks


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