Hawke's Bay Power Consumers' Trust candidate profile - John Geoghegan

I am a professional electrical consultant engineer who has worked in the electrical industry for many years.

I have worked at all levels in the industry and latterly for Unison and its former entity, the Hawke's Bay Electric Power Board. I am the only candidate that knows the technical asset and the company operation involved.

I have previously been a trustee for HB Power Consumers' Trust and fully understand where the trust is positioned and all the issues involved.


I fully support the stance taken by the existing trustees - the "Your Cheque - Your Choice" slogan is exactly where I was during my previous trusteeship and will be if I am re-elected to the trust.

I will seek to maximise the amount of each annual cheque issue.

I will strenuously combat any moves to change the distribution arrangements that exist.

When the ownership is reviewed in the coming years I will definitely not support any change to the trust deed that affects customer ownership, irrespective of the few reckless submissions that may support such changes.

The trust is a consumer trust by name and it must stay just that - you, the bill payer, are the consumer and as such your interest must be protected - that is what our forebears set out to do.

Any suggestions by other candidates that community interests should be granted funds from your trust is to me absolutely untenable - such funding is the responsibility of rates, taxes and personal donations and not the power consumers of Hawke's Bay.

The trust makes a distribution from profits gained from activities related to Unison's many associated subsidiary companies and is a very successful investment placed in the hands of customers.

If elected, I would seriously support the reduction of costs at trust, director and company management level in order to improve customers returns by way of annual distribution.

I seek your vote to be re-elected to the HB Power Consumers' Trust to ensure the consumers trust continues to be true to its original historical and future owners, our children and children's children.